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In order for the estate of a deceased loved one to be finalized, and therefore eligible for distribution, the estate must go through probate. In many situations, probate can be relatively straightforward, but in many more situations, it is complex and creates a serious time delay. If handled incorrectly, probate can drag on and on, causing more money to be taken out of the estate in order to pay for the probate process and court fees.

At Manning Peace, LLC, our probate and estate planning lawyers in Peachtree City are dedicated to finding the right way to streamline an estate’s probate process, hopefully saving you plenty of time and money in the end. We can manage cases for all manners of people interested in a decedent’s estate, from close family members to trustees to estate administrators. With estate planning familiarity and 15+ years of legal experience under our belts, you can be confident that we are the professional team for your probate case.

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Usual Steps Involved in Probate

To manage a probate case, either a will or the court will typically assign someone as the executor. This person has the unique responsibility of ensuring probate is carried out accordingly and that the wishes of the decedent are respected as much as possible. The executor must also stay up-to-speed with how each step of probate is being completed.

The usual steps you can encounter in a probate case are:

  • Notifying all interested or concerned parties of the decedent’s passing and the probate process to come.
  • Thoroughly cataloging all of the decedent’s assets and completing an appraisal of their value.
  • Receiving or otherwise collecting any money, assets, or property owed to the decedent from third-parties.
  • Filing taxes and paying any owed debts, such as taxes owed to the state or federal government and money owed to creditors.
  • Distributing the assets that remain to named beneficiaries, or the beneficiaries selected through Georgia State law.

With our Peachtree City probate attorneys by your side, you can enjoy all the benefits working with a seasoned lawyer will bring. All of our efforts will be to simplify your probate process, smooth out any potential issues, bring your goals in probate to light, and uphold the final wishes of your beloved decedent.

We encourage you to call (678) 515-5455 at any time and speak directly with our team to learn more about how we can help you get through even the most difficult of probates as if you were an expert executor.


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