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Dealing with probate is no easy matter, especially if there are family disputes or legal issues that lead you to court. Handling the estate of a loved one while also learning to cope with their loss can be problematic and overwhelming. To add to an already difficult situation, the legalities of probate court can be complicated, even by legal standards, which is why it is so important to work with a competent firm to help you through probate litigation.

At Manning Peace, LLC, we have the skills and resources to take care of your case so that you can focus on more important issues during this trying time. Having a legal team with over 15 years of experience to guide and advise you through this process will not only make the process easier, it could also save you time, money, and undue hassle.

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Understanding Probate Court

The essential job of probate court is to handle the assets and expenses or debts of the deceased person, including taxes, and to distribute the assets among legal heirs. Probate court is generally only sought out when there is a dispute in the will. For example, if relatives are left out of the will and they believe a certain portion of the assets should go to them, they may contest the will and take the issue to probate court. The probate court will, of course, take the will into account, and the objections of any other parties, coming to a decision based on the wishes of the deceased.

Probate court may handle any of the following issues:

  • Will contests
  • Will and trust construction suits
  • Guardianship contests
  • Trust modification or reformation suits
  • Trust termination suits
  • Breach of fiduciary duty suits

Complex Family Issues and Probate Litigation

Probate litigation can prove especially tricky for complex families. For example, second marriages, common law spouses, or dysfunctional families. In probate litigation, dysfunctional families are defined by the way they interact, typically leading to difficult, tense situations that make negotiations without mediation impossible. Dysfunctional families may not communicate, or may have difficult relationships with one another.

Dysfunctional Family Disputes

This may lead to other issues with the will, such as only one child being left the estate, or one child being left out. It could also be that there was an unknown or illegitimate child of the deceased who was not mentioned in the will, or the deceased had multiple marriages without prenuptial agreements. Any of these issues can lead to disputes as to who should be entitled to what assets, despite the wishes declared in the will. If the will leaves assets to a mistress or appoints an incapable fiduciary or executor of the estate, this can also cause problems enough to lead to probate court. We understand that circumstances such as these lead to emotional situations and difficult decisions, which is why we pride ourselves in providing compassionate, forthcoming legal services.

Choose Manning Peace, LLC

Our firm understands will, trust, and guardianship disputes can be vexing, sensitive, and are often extremely complicated. Through honest legal guidance, we will help you through family disputes and other issues of probate, making your interests our top priority. Our lawyers are dedicated to working for each and every one of our clients. We understand that each case is different and we are determined to seek the best resolutions for our clients.

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