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The Importance Of Exercising Your Right To Remain Silent

The right to remain silent is one of the most important rights you have. When a law enforcement officer questions you, using this right is the most important thing you can do to improve your situation.

At Manning Peace, LLC, we understand how intimidating the criminal justice system in Georgia can be. It is important to know your rights and more importantly, to exercise such rights. Doing so can allow an attorney to more effectively advocate for you. Contact our attorneys to learn your rights by calling 678-257-2434.

There Are Many Reasons To Remain Silent

When a law enforcement officer questions you, it can seem like you have no other option but to respond. However, there are several reasons to exercise your right to remain silent, including:

  • You may incriminate yourself
  • You may give police information that they do not already have
  • You may make admissions that give police probable cause to arrest you
  • You may make statements that could be misinterpreted or misunderstood
  • You may make statements that rule out certain defenses
  • You may make statements that are false, which is a separate crime in a federal case

Educating yourself on such circumstances can prevent you from making an unintended mistake.

Police Officers Will Try To Get You To Talk

Police officers can and will use several common tactics to encourage you to speak. They may claim that they are giving you a chance to clear up the situation. They may pretend to have information that they do not have. They will try to convince you that responding to questions could benefit your situation. In fact, the opposite is true. Anything you say could make your situation worse.

What Steps Should You Take?

In such situations, you should respectfully decline to answer questions and ask to speak with an attorney. With nearly two decades of combined experience, attorneys Cindy Manning and Holly Peace can investigate your situation and provide a strong defense if necessary. We will find out what information law enforcement has and help you determine an appropriate response.

Contact An Experienced Attorney To Investigate Your Case

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