If you are like a lot of people in Georgia, the thought of being arrested and then charged with a drunk driving offense may evoke many fears in your mind. These fears may include concerns about the penalties you may experience, and the cost associated with this type of event.

For some people arrested for a driving under the influence offense, one penalty they may experience is the loss of their driving privileges for a while.

License suspensions or revocations after a DUI

As explained by the Georgia Department of Driver Services, a person may have their driver’s license suspended after they receive a conviction for a DUI offense. This may happen even if they had not previously been convicted of any drunk driving charges.

The duration of a license suspension after a DUI conviction may vary based in part on the presence of any prior offenses on a person’s record. For a first DUI, a license suspension may last one year. However, a driver may have the opportunity to request a reinstatement of their driving privileges after 120 days.

Limited driving permit options

Even during a suspension period, some people may be eligible for limited driving privileges that allow them to drive for essential matters like getting to work, taking kids to school or attending medical appointments. A limited permit may also allow a person to drive to court-required treatments.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is instead meant to give residents in Georgia an overview of how a driving under the influence conviction may impact their right to drive and what options may be available to them.