Anyone pulled over for drunk driving faces an uphill battle if they fail a sobriety test. However, if you are a religious leader, our law office understands that you are under an additional amount of pressure when these charges surface. 

Religious leaders serve as role models in the community and when they face DUI charges, many never restore what they lose. Moreover, some people are falsely accused of driving under the influence, whether a breathalyzer is faulty or a law enforcement official did not handle things properly. It is especially important for those facing DUI charges when they are innocent to firmly defend their rights. 

Your reputation 

As a religious leader in the community, it is imperative for you to look into every strategy to defend your reputation. If you are able to successfully fight a DUI case, you will likely avoid losing your good name (and even your career). When priests, pastors and other religious leaders find themselves facing allegations of driving drunk, some people decide to stop attending services and look down upon the individual. In many instances, people are never able to recover from the damage brought on by a drunk driving case. This underlines the importance of approaching DUI charges carefully. 

Handling the case 

You need to go over every detail when it comes to your DUI case. Sometimes, seemingly minor aspects of a stop have a major impact on how the case plays out in the courtroom. Our law firm knows how complex many of these cases are and we provide a lot of information related to drunk driving cases on our blog.