If you have ever been arrested for or convicted of a criminal offense, you know that these events may well stay with you for a long time, perhaps even for life. But, instead of feeling like your criminal record must prevent you from moving forward and having a positive life, you should know that there are options for you to get a job and more even with these events in your past.

As explained by Glassdoor, when the time comes for you to look for a new job, you will want to be prepared. You should not feel as though you have to disclose any indiscretions on an application by any means but you should be ready to discuss your history before a potential employer conducts a background check. It will always be better for a company to learn about things directly from you than via a canned report on you that provides no context.

When you know that a company is interested enough in you that they want to do a background check, you should inform the hiring manager, recruiter or human resources professional about your past. The discussion should center around what you learned from the experience and provide them with the confidence that any such behaviors will not be repeated in the future.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is instead meant to give people with criminal arrests or convictions on their records some tips on how they may approach the search for a new job when they are trying to get their lives back on a better path.