Most people have sped at least once in Georgia, but many speeding incidents go unnoticed by law enforcement. However, if you have been caught speeding, you can face a ticket or worse depending on where you were speeding and how far over the limit. There are a few things you can expect when it comes to speeding in the state. lists the basic information you need to know about traffic tickets in the state. Typically, the police officer pulling you over will give you a ticket for driving over the speed limit. You can then choose “to pay the fine and accept the penalty placed on your driving record.” Or you can contest it.

While accepting the fine may be the simplest thing to do, it is not necessarily the best thing for you. You can contest the ticket and potentially avoid the increase in your insurance premium, ding on your driver’s record and ticket fine. Keep in mind that in Georgia many police officers do show up for the court hearings.

There is one other reason you may wish to contest the ticket and that is if the court finds you a super speeder. This distinction can cause you to pay an additional $200 fine. When driving off the highway at 85-mph, you may be considered a super speeder. In addition, driving on a two-lane road at 75-mph without the highway distinction can cause you that additional fine.

It is important to pay the court fine if ordered to do so. This information is intended only to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.