As most Georgians know, traffic violations are criminal offenses in Georgia. The crime can get much more severe if someone was hurt or killed due to driver negligence.

In 2017, crashes involving a car that ran a red light led to 890 deaths across the U.S. It is estimated that an additional 132,000 people were injured due to light runners.

How do you know if you are in violation?

If the light turns red right before you enter the intersection, can you still go? The following are considered traffic violations:

  • Entering an intersection after the light turned red
  • Failing to stop completely before turning right on a red light
  • Turning right on a red light in an intersection that does not permit vehicles to do so

However, if you are already in an intersection at the time the light turns red, you should continue through. This happens most frequently when vehicles are turning left, yielding to oncoming traffic.

Watch out for redlight cameras

Georgia is one of eight states that uses red light cameras. If a vehicle runs a red light, these cameras automatically take a picture of the car. Local law enforcement officers review the photos and issue tickets to the vehicle owner if there is a violation.

The typical penalty for running a red light in Georgia is a $70 fee. Note that the penalties can be much more severe if you have numerous driving infractions. You may face harsh legal repercussions if you caused an accident or injury.

People who receive violations have a right to appeal. If you ran a red light and caused an accident, speak with a defense attorney. Your attorney can help represent your side of the case.