A Georgia football player finds himself in legal trouble after an arrest for drunk driving. A conviction could bring penalties that may affect his education, football career and even other opportunities he may have in the future. At this point, he is likely focused on considering his options for a strong DUI defense.

In addition to the DUI charges he is currently facing, there are additional misdemeanor charges against him, including failure to maintain the lane and possession of alcohol as a minor. According to the police report, the student was driving near the University of Georgia campus when law enforcement noticed his vehicle swerving into the oncoming lane. They pulled him over and asked him to submit to sobriety tests.

In addition to a failed sobriety test, the police claim that the driver also had blood shot eyes at the time of arrest. Nevertheless, he has a bright future ahead of him on and off the football field, and this criminal charge does not have to determine the course of life or career. He may be able to challenge the evidence offered against him, including the results of any sobriety tests and other aspects of the prosecution’s case.

When a person is facing DUI charges, it is worthwhile to fight back, whether the charge is a first offense or a person has multiple prior convictions. Those in similar circumstances are wise to seek help with their DUI defense at the first opportunity. An assessment of a particular case can help an accused individual see what options may be available.