A few people in Cherokee County find themselves facing criminal charges after law enforcement pulled over one vehicle. The traffic stop eventually resulted in drug charges for four people, as well as other traffic-related criminal charges. The initial traffic stop involved one person, but information gathered during this interaction led law enforcement to a private residence where more arrests were eventually made.

According to the report, when Georgia police first tried to stop the driver, he failed to stop the vehicle right away. The driver was supposedly weaving and not maintaining his lane at the time. They say they noticed the driver dumping a substance from the vehicle before he pulled over. Police found what they believed to be methamphetamine. After this, they went to the home of the driver.

Upon visiting the Georgia residence, they found multiple pounds of methamphetamine, other types of drugs and drug paraphernalia. There were three other adults in the home at the time, and they were all arrested. The driver is facing multiple charges, including drug trafficking and possession of a gun by a felon. The other adults are facing charges that range from drug trafficking to possession.

These are serious drug charges that can result in years behind bars if these four individuals are convicted. They will find it beneficial to move forward with developing a strong criminal defense strategy. There is a lot on the line for them, and it can help to speak about their case with an experienced legal ally so they can better understand the defense options available to them.