A man who owns a local taco restaurant in Chatham County was arrested back in March and is facing multiple criminal charges in Georgia. His arrest came after he was pulled over by law enforcement while traveling on I-16. It is not clear why, but there was a search of his vehicle during this interaction with police. After his arrest,  he is facing drug charges, possession of a firearm and driving under the influence. 

In addition to the original criminal charges filed against him, he is also facing charges that include furnishing a pistol to a minor and using a minor in the conducting of an illegal transaction. Possession of a firearm is particularly serious for him as he is a convicted felon. These new charges were filed in April, and he was again taken into Georgia law enforcement custody at the beginning of May. 

He is well-knowing in local communities as the owner of popular restaurants in Chatham County and Bryan County. The case is still under investigation, and it is possible that more charges could follow, as well as additional arrests. It is not clear who else may be connected with this case. In the meantime, this man is likely focused on his defense plan.

Regardless of the nature of the case against him, this individual is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty. He has the right to build a strong defense and work to confront the evidence brought against him. Others facing drug charges and other types of criminal charges will find it beneficial to work quickly to learn about defense options after an arrest.