A resident of north Georgia is facing serious criminal charges after law enforcement raided his home. The raid was the final result of an investigation by a few different local and state law enforcement agencies. After the raid, the man was arrested, and he is now facing drug charges that include possession and possession with intent to distribute. Because of these and other criminal charges against him, he would be wise to start working on his defense strategy.

When the police raid a home, it is usually the result of an investigation into the resident’s actions and activities. There has to be clear evidence that a search of the property is necessary, and in most cases, law enforcement has to get a search warrant to enter a private residence and search the property. It is not immediately clear how the investigation led to the defendant or what evidence was provided to secure a search warrant.

Upon executing the search warrant at the defendant’s property, police allegedly found cartridges for vape pens, five pounds of marijuana and LSD. The report states that they also found $32,000 and a firearm. He was released from jail after posting bond, but Georgia authorities have said he could also face additional criminal charges. 

The defendant has not yet been convicted of any crimes, and he is viewed as innocent in the eyes of the law unless proven guilty. During this time, he will find it beneficial to start working on his defense and ways he can effectively confront the drug charges against him. No matter the details of the individual case, a strong defense is necessary.