One Georgia county is currently reviewing various criminal cases investigated by a now defunct drug task force. Glynn County recently disbanded the group for misconduct and other issues, putting another investigative group in its place. Public defenders and county prosecutors are now looking at all cases involving drug charges that relate to this specific group, in order to determine if improper actions impacted the outcome of these cases in any way.

This task force is accused of various types of unlawful and inappropriate behavior while simultaneously investigating drug cases. One law enforcement member is accused of having sexual relations with a woman who was acting as a confidential informant for the group. Another member is accused of allowing a personal friend to carry a gun, even though he is a convicted felon. The group also neglected to properly investigate and charge a man because he was the personal friend of a member of the group.

An investigation into the task force also found that the captain of the task force gave conflicting statements when questioned. It is not immediately clear how the actions of this specific law enforcement group may have impacted the outcome of cases on which they worked. It is possible their actions violated the rights of some individuals who may be serving time or facing serious criminal allegations.

This unacceptable situation serves as an important reminder of why a Georgia defendant would be wise not to face any type of drug charges alone. If a person’s rights were violated or there were other problems, an experienced attorney can help that individual fight back. When law enforcement acts inappropriately, it can compromise evidence and taint the prosecution’s case.