Drunk driving charges in Georgia can bring a range of penalties that can lead to time behind bars, expensive fines and loss of driving privileges. It can also have a detrimental effect on a person’s career, as a Savannah State educator recently found out. Arrested for drunk driving and facing multiple criminal charges, he would be wise to start developing a strong DUI defense strategy.

The complete list of charges against the man include DUI, driving with an expired license, having an open container in the vehicle, speeding and obstruction. The original traffic stop was conducted after law enforcement reports observing the driver speeding. After pulling him over, the officer claims that he smelled a strong odor of alcohol, and he says he also observed the driver acting agitated with bloodshot eyes. 

The report claims that the driver was initially uncooperative, stating he had not been drinking and would not get out of the car. He also allegedly refused to comply with a sobriety test. The Georgia officer states that the driver was combative when the officer tried to place him under arrest. Another officer then arrived at the scene, and they forcefully placed handcuffs on the man’s wrists.

As part of this man’s DUI defense, it may be beneficial to carefully evaluate the actions of the officers. If they did not follow procedures or violated this man’s rights in any way, it could compromise the prosecution’s entire case. He has not been convicted of any charges, and he is still innocent unless proved otherwise in the eyes of the law.