The consequences of a criminal conviction can be wide-ranging and severe.

For starters, of course, freedom can be imperiled. Some felony offenses carry notably lengthy prison terms. Even a misdemeanor conviction can sometimes yield an unwelcome stint in jail.

And the additional exactions that can result are many and varied. Defendants must often pay steep fines and related costs. Stringent probationary terms are common. Courts sometimes order community service.

Those spell merely a partial list of potential outcomes. We note on our website at the Georgia criminal defense law firm of Manning Peace that they are supplemented by additional effects “that a conviction can have on nearly aspect of your life.” Family interactions can be disrupted. Employment prospects and established careers can be derailed. Convictions sometimes play havoc with educational opportunities, hopes of a military career, and even the right to vote.

With so much on the line, many individuals facing criminal charges reasonably seek out a proven law firm for candid guidance and diligent advocacy that focuses unwaveringly on best-case outcomes.

Experienced lawyers do not willingly settle for less than optimal results when representing individuals justifiably relying upon them during a time of great need. We prominently underscore that at our South Metro Atlanta Peachtree City law firm. We stress on our website that we are 100% committed to solving a client’s case “by either getting the matter dismissed, going to trial or reaching the best possible plea bargain.”

Every case differs, of course, and the best strategy in a given matter depends on its unique set of facts. Persons with questions or questions regarding any aspect of a criminal charge can contact an experienced criminal defense legal team for counsel and diligent representation.