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The difference between felonies and misdemeanors

Anytime you encounter law enforcement, you would benefit from having a clear understanding of your rights. However, criminal law is often complex, and the severity of any criminal charges can depend a great deal on the unique factors of the situation. If police recently arrested you for a crime such as a repeat offense of DUI or a violent incident that resulted in someone else's injury, you may be waiting to hear if the district attorney will file the charge as a misdemeanor or felony.

Understanding the difference between the two levels of charges and the related penalties is critical for building a strong defense strategy.

Drug charges follow after police interact with man at gas station

A Georgia man finds himself in serious legal trouble after a chance encounter with law enforcement at a gas station. Police had come to the gas station to look for another person when they noticed a vehicle parked illegally across a handicap space outside of the store. According to the report, the driver, now facing drug charges, was in his vehicle when law enforcement arrived. 

Police say that, when they walked up to the driver, he was pouring a green liquid from a baby bottle into another type of bottle. One of the officers stated that he believed the liquid was codeine. Police asked him to roll down his window, but instead, he opened his car door, after which the officers allege that they smelled marijuana. They asked him to step out of the vehicle, after which they said they noticed a weapon in the car. 

Georgia councilman would benefit from DUI defense after arrest

A councilman from the city of Canton is facing criminal charges that include driving under the influence and failure to maintain his lane while driving. He has not been convicted of these charges, though he is likely working on developing a DUI defense strategy. The city where he serves as a councilman has no comment about his status as the case is still ongoing. 

According to the police report, the man was pulled over by law enforcement after they allegedly witnessed him swerving in his lane. At the time of the traffic stop, he told Georgia law enforcement that purportedly he had not consumed alcohol before getting behind the wheel, and he agreed to submit to a sobriety test. Police say that he then admitted to drinking, and a chemical test supposedly revealed his blood alcohol content levels were at .119%.

Traffic stop leads to drug charges against two Macon men

Two Macon men are facing serious criminal charges after law enforcement pulled them over for a tag violation. The man in the passenger seat fled from the vehicle when it came to a stop on the side of the road. Law enforcement were able to catch the passenger who fled, and both he and the driver were charged with various crimes, including drug charges. 

Georgia police claim that they were able to smell marijuana inside the vehicle. They searched the vehicle and found two bags that contained a combination of marijuana, bottles of THC oil and ecstasy pills. The specific amount of drugs found is not known. Upon arrest, one man was charged with possession with the intent to distribute, drug trafficking and possession of a controlled substance. 

What does a murder charge mean in Georgia?

As you likely know, laws vary from state to state. The same crime committed in one state could have different charges or consequences than in another state. Because of these differences, it is important to understand the exact laws associated with the charges you face.

If law enforcement in Georgia charges you with murder, you may face a different scenario than if charged with such a crime elsewhere. This allegation is still serious and should be treated carefully, and part of that careful treatment may include learning as much as possible about your specific predicament.

Firearm and drug charges filed against business owner

A man who owns a local taco restaurant in Chatham County was arrested back in March and is facing multiple criminal charges in Georgia. His arrest came after he was pulled over by law enforcement while traveling on I-16. It is not clear why, but there was a search of his vehicle during this interaction with police. After his arrest,  he is facing drug charges, possession of a firearm and driving under the influence. 

In addition to the original criminal charges filed against him, he is also facing charges that include furnishing a pistol to a minor and using a minor in the conducting of an illegal transaction. Possession of a firearm is particularly serious for him as he is a convicted felon. These new charges were filed in April, and he was again taken into Georgia law enforcement custody at the beginning of May. 

Drug charges filed after law enforcement raids home

A resident of north Georgia is facing serious criminal charges after law enforcement raided his home. The raid was the final result of an investigation by a few different local and state law enforcement agencies. After the raid, the man was arrested, and he is now facing drug charges that include possession and possession with intent to distribute. Because of these and other criminal charges against him, he would be wise to start working on his defense strategy.

When the police raid a home, it is usually the result of an investigation into the resident's actions and activities. There has to be clear evidence that a search of the property is necessary, and in most cases, law enforcement has to get a search warrant to enter a private residence and search the property. It is not immediately clear how the investigation led to the defendant or what evidence was provided to secure a search warrant.

DUI defense important for educator facing drunk driving charges

Drunk driving charges in Georgia can bring a range of penalties that can lead to time behind bars, expensive fines and loss of driving privileges. It can also have a detrimental effect on a person's career, as a Savannah State educator recently found out. Arrested for drunk driving and facing multiple criminal charges, he would be wise to start developing a strong DUI defense strategy.

The complete list of charges against the man include DUI, driving with an expired license, having an open container in the vehicle, speeding and obstruction. The original traffic stop was conducted after law enforcement reports observing the driver speeding. After pulling him over, the officer claims that he smelled a strong odor of alcohol, and he says he also observed the driver acting agitated with bloodshot eyes. 

Some Georgia cases involving drug charges under review

One Georgia county is currently reviewing various criminal cases investigated by a now defunct drug task force. Glynn County recently disbanded the group for misconduct and other issues, putting another investigative group in its place. Public defenders and county prosecutors are now looking at all cases involving drug charges that relate to this specific group, in order to determine if improper actions impacted the outcome of these cases in any way.

This task force is accused of various types of unlawful and inappropriate behavior while simultaneously investigating drug cases. One law enforcement member is accused of having sexual relations with a woman who was acting as a confidential informant for the group. Another member is accused of allowing a personal friend to carry a gun, even though he is a convicted felon. The group also neglected to properly investigate and charge a man because he was the personal friend of a member of the group.

Don't let a DUI destroy your driving career

You drive for a living, and you love it. You worked hard to get your commercial driver's license, and you want to do everything you can to keep it. Unfortunately, you have found yourself facing a DUI charge in the state of Georgia for an incident in either your personal or professional vehicle. If convicted, you may lose your CDL and ability to drive professionally for good. What can you do?

The state and federal governments hold commercial drivers to an extremely high standard when it comes to safe driving. They do not tolerate driving while impaired when on the clock. Even when off the clock, this is something about which CDL holders need to be careful. If charged with DUI, you do not have to sit back and let prosecuting attorneys decide your fate. There may be a way to fight the charge that would allow you to keep your license.

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