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Experienced Representation In Post-Conviction Relief

If you think that your future is at a complete loss after you have been convicted of a crime, know that you may still have a chance to defend your rights through a post-conviction relief. In the state of Georgia, post-conviction relief is a general term referring to the different actions taken by your representation to minimize your punishments or even exonerate you. This usually takes place between the time of your conviction and the time you begin serving your sentence, although, there are cases wherein it can happen even long after you have begun fulfilling your sentence.

At Manning Peace, LLC, we are experienced in the appellate process for 15 years and have helped countless clients in Peachtree City and other surrounding areas with post-conviction relief. Whether we are the ones who represented you in your original case or not, we work zealously to change the overall outcome of your case.

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Different Strategies In Post-Conviction Relief

There are many reasons to seek a post-conviction relief. From finding a new evidence, violation of federal or state constitutional laws to negligence that have impacted your conviction as well as sudden changes in the law or policy surrounding your case, our Peachtree City post-relief lawyers can help modify your penalties, including your verdict.

Below are some of the actions we take during your appeals process:

  • File a motion for a new trial
  • File a motion to vacate or correct the sentence
  • File a petition for habeas corpus

Our firm is prepared to even take your case to higher courts if need be. You can trust that even if you are already serving your sentence, we remain in constant communication with you and keep you updated with the progress of your appeals. As a seasoned firm, Manning Peace, LLC, has a proven track record of successfully utilizing solid post-conviction strategies, resulting in reduced or vacated sentences for several of our clients.

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We Are A Highly Rated Firm Ready To Tackle Felony Charges

Only skilled Peachtree City criminal defense lawyers are able to take on the defense of felony charges in the state of Georgia. With our firm’s 10.0 Avvo rating, we are known for working zealously to secure our clients the results they need, even when facing serious criminal charges such as felonies. We never waste your time or money. When Manning Peace, LLC, is on your case, you can trust that we explore every potential legal consideration to defend your case.

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